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Help To Change Engine Oil In 98 Ls400

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I'm in the US here and am intrested in getting some tips on changing the oil of the 4.0 v8. Is it difficult or pretty straight forward? Is the filter a regular screw on type or special type I will have to pick up from the dealer? I've been under the car before and there seems to be a large plastic cover, will the cover have to be removed or is there an opening where the oil drain plug is?

I ask all this because my 4runner is very difficult for me to do myself. The filter is inverted and I have to reach through the suspension to get to it. I usually have it done at the shop because of the mess the inverted filter causes in my garage.

I do use Mobil 1 synthetic whenever I do the changes, good prices at walmart for anyone who cares. Trying to save the expense of having dealer do perform this.


BTW I LOVE THIS CAR. Keeping an eye out for another one.

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oil filter is at about 45 degrees and 'open' end is uppermost. (according to my CD manual!) but i didn't have the time to search about the cover over the drain plug, tho i was told mine had one, but it's a 1990.

CD manuals are cheap and reasonably good (although the first one i bought didn't run properly the second one does.)

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Hi, I did just this a few weeks ago on my 98 LS400. Make sure you have a large bucket/container to capture all of the oil which will be released. First you need to unbolt around ten nuts which hold the large plastic moulding/cover under the engine. The oil sump nut is straightforward as it only needs to be unscrewed with a suitable sized spanner. Be careful not to round the edges on the nut otherwise you'll have to try and get a local garage to help you loosen it. Next, the oil filter can be removed by hand. If this does not work then try pushing a long screwdriver into the centre of the filter via its sidewalls. This will allow you leverage to turn the filter, hence unscrewing it. Last thing, make sure you dispose of the oil and the old filter as per your local environmental recycling procedures. Good luck, you'll feel good after having done this job. For my first attempt it took me around two hours, but next time it will definitely not take as long.

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