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My sport is coming up to its 4th birthday in March. However it has only done 18000 miles.

The person I bought it off had it serviced every year so as to keep up the warranty regardless of what mileage had been done, but now it is out of warranty i can't see the point of doing it regardless. So, ive decided to get it done at 20000 but im confused as the service book says it has already had it's 20000 service.

Does this mean i will need to pay for a 40000 mile service even though it will have done 20000 and quite clearly the car not needing a 40K service :question:

If you can decifer this, then what would you do????

Help apprieciated chaps and chapasses

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The car is needing a 40,000 / 4 year service. Brake fluid/coolant/oils should be changed when they reach a certain age, doesn't matter how many miles.

Also low mileage cars tend to do a lot of short journeys, not just a few long ones. Most wear and tear is done in the first 10 miles of a journey.

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I have been told the 40k service on my RX will be £460 (less LOC discount) which is similar to L3XAV. the previous 3 services at 10k intervals were in the £150-£180 range so this all so simlar for the IS. I will proabaly need new brake pads so it will cost even more!

I understand they change the air filter, transmission fluid and some other fluid (power steering?). Oh yes and the charcoal filter!

Sounded a lot to me but they have always been good and the car has never let me down so I will give it the required TLC

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