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Stock Amp


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Does any 1 have any pics of the stock amp in situ.I had my whole centre unit and glovebox out today but couldnt see the amp anywhere and a friend said that because the head unit has front/rear fade on it there prolly isnt an amp.So is it possible that because i only have the 'S' there is no amp? I noticed that the head unit had 2 plugs in it. 1 had 4 wires which i presume is premanent live, Ign live ,earth and remote,and the other connector had 8 wires which im thinking is the speakers (2 for each corner). please corrcet me if im wrong.

I have ordered a sony CDX-M850MP MP3 head unit and a pair of Infinity 9603i 6x9's. should i be ok to install these or could there be problems?

Any input would be greatfully appreciated :)

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4 outputs - feed and return for each = 8 wires?

So why would you need 4 outputs from a head unit to an amp? this is wat i cant understand. i thought it woulda been 2 outputs to the amp and 4 from the amp to the speakers. but i may be totally worng.

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If you have the 6 speaker system here in Germany you don't have an amp. It is build in the radio. Only the 8 speaker systems have an external amp. Maybe its the case in the UK, too.

Thanx gavin G and warp thats just what i wanted to hear as i suspected as much :)

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