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Sell car to overseas buyer - how to manage payment?

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Hi All

My IS-F is up for sale and I have had lot of interest from the continent. Not much from the UK overall. It looks like Japanese sports cars sell very well and for quite a decent value out there. 

A chap from France is willing to come over to buy the car, this is fine but the main thing is how to deal with the payment?

I have proposed Transferwise but he has another solution in Paycar.fr. Looks fairly genuine and is an escrow service, instant transfer of funds. The price is too high to realistically consider carrying that large sum of cash. 

Does anyone have any experience or how best to ensure the payment is secure in this situation please? International bank transfers take a few days, can be reversed and also hit with quite high fees.

I guess the risk could be on either side, that the buyer starts the transaction before coming over...risk in not seeing the car yet or then the buyer is here and I can't confirm transfer of funds. 


Any help or views would be welcome, thanks in advance.  

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Hi I don’t have any experience in the field but what about PayPal?

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