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Air suspension pipe replacement

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Hi all further to my pipe fitting query

I have since changed the air strut and I have managed to snap the air supply pipe where it goes into the strut

Is there any way I can modifie or get some other 5 mm pipe to fit into to strut with the raised bit to stop pressure pushing it out and join it to the existing pipe

I don't really want to pay £100 for a new genuine pipe .


I have seen this of a land rover with raised bits but don't know the pipe of


Many thanks again


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As far as I know, at least in this context, a pipe is a pipe, is a pipe. I don't think there's anything special about Lexus pipe. Is it just literally the pipe you need or do you need the fittings as well?

Just Google air pressure pipe and fittings and I'm sure you'll come up with something suitable.

You could even ask any Openreach engineer if he does gas pressure and if so he'll probably give you something with fittings. All the 'E- Side' cables that run from telephone exchanges to the green jointing cabinets you see on the street are pressurised with air to 9.0psi. This is so that if a cable is damaged, air coming out stops water getting in, and also the flow of air gives us an indication of where the damage may be.

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Hi Herbie thanks for your knowledge as always

This is the connection I am after but I am at a loss on what to call it or how to make it
many thanks0a78522ab08571da422e56c27addab32.jpg

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Sorry Paul, only just seen this last post from you.

That looks like a pre-formed olive but I'd imagine that you could buy the correct olive for the pipe rather than needing preformed.

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Hi Paul, I'm not that familiar with air suspension but after a quick search it seems that you're on the right track and can source plumbing style speedfit fittings.

To insert a nylon repair line into the damper would something like this work? -  it would fit inside a nylon extension line for you.,115324.html  

Then you'd just need to use a straight press fit coupler to splice into your existing line.  I say 'just' as you still need to ensure the fittings are press fit and you'd also need to confirm the hose size/etc that you required.

This page has a range of air line fittings (I have no affiliation with them)

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

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