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IS220D New EGR ?


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I have a 2009 MKII Lexus IS220D. Went into limp mode on the motorway, RAC blanked the EGR and I got home (120 miles) . Took the car for EGR clean but the cleaning guy did not remove the blanking plate until the very end of cleaning cycle. Since then Car very very rough especially when cold will not accelerate above 30mph. Engine Mgmt light constantly on. OBDII error msg "EXHAUST GAS RECIRULATION FLOW P0400 $07e8". Car undriveable. New EGR Valve or a Re-Clean ? Any <Help |Pointers|Support> is sincerely appreciated.




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It sounds like the EGR valve has jammed fully open, are you also getting plumes or smoke out of the exhaust. Did the guy who did the cleaning check the valve solenoid operation?

I would be going back to the place that did the cleaning and ask them to sort it out properly this time or refund you the cost.

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Thanks for the response.

The funny thing is that I WAS getting smoke from the exhaust but after the "Deep Clean" No Smoke at all but the performance issues as reported.                                              I've taken the decision to (Am I going over the Top ?) ... 1. Buy a new ERG Valve.  2. Clean the MAF Sensor.  3. Buy New Air Filter.                                                        

I will update on the progress of the issue after completing the above 3. Thanks for your support.

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As detailed above I ... 1. Installed new ERG Valve.  2. Cleaned the MAF Sensor.  3. Installed New Air Filter.  4. Disconnected Battery to reset ECU

Took the car for a spin after getting from the mechanic and all was ok. Decided to try and clear the DPF by driving for 20 minutes in high revs (3000) & low gear.

All seemed well until the next day I went onto the motorway drove for about 100 miles when engine management light came on and car went into limp mode.

Luckily I was just by a service station ... pulled in did a obdII reading and got codes ... P0400 $07e8 & P0400 $07e8pd <Exhaust Gas Recirculation Flow>.

Waited for 20 minutes started the car was ok until another 120 miles went into limp mode again. Been driving the car to work and back (6 miles each way)

Car now very jerky seems to require a 'Hard Foot' to get a smooth drive doesnt seem to like low revs.

Fuel consumption gone down getting 26 mpg in town opposed to 33 mpg previously. Took the car to professional garage they found no codes apart from a 'Historical' Speed Sensor.

No engine light has come on but suspect that is due to the short trips. Not sure of risking the 220 mile trip back home ?

Considering resetting ECU by removing etci & efi fuses ? Any Suggestions Desperately Welcomed


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Made the 220 Mile trip back home. Engine Management light came on twice and car subsequently went into limp mode. Cleared error codes with OBDII reader and continued journey.

Got home ... Had suspicion that the mechanic had not cleaned the "MAF Sensor". Went to Halfords bought some Electric Contact Cleaner. Disconnected MAF sensor and sprayed cleaner. From the dirt that came from cleaning he MAF Sensor I confirmed my suspicions. Car now almost back to its former self. Drove the 220 miles on Monday, no Engine Management Light throughout journey. Fuel consumption up to 42 on the motorway and getting about 33 in town. Engine still a bit rough and jerky especially when cold. Can be hesitant accompanied by what seems to be very similar to misfiring. Unable to find the etci & efi fuses on both fuse boxes to reset ECU. Any Advice|Suggestions|Support Desperately Welcomed.

Thank You in Advance

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