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17" Zenga alloy wheel

Mr. Moon

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Hi all,

Is there anyone who has (or at lest seen a picture of) a CT, which is equipped with the genuine OEM Lexus Zenga 17" alloy wheel?

I am thinking to buy a set of them, but it would be nice to see in advance, how they really look like on a CT...

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Hi Mr Moon

I think I have those particular wheels on My F Sport.

I live on a farm and with the current weather conditions my car is in a real dirty state!

Once I get it cleaned up I will send you a photo.

Mine are Anthracite and the car is Black.


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Hi Again

Clean car photo attached.

If you are changing from 16" to 17" you may find the ride a little more harsh.

My CT had 17's as standard and it is a very firm ride as well as quite noisy, but I think the F Sport has a firmer suspension anyway.


Hope this all helps





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Yes...those alloys on rayofsunshinegbr's CT look like the ones that stormchaser has (and myself also).

I am still searching for alloys and I seems to have two options:

- Get 4 OEM Lexus Zenga wheels from the dealership,


- Get another set of the alloys from the ones I already have (unfortunately it's pretty difficult to find 4 of them):



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On 1/11/2020 at 2:15 PM, Pidu said:

Changed to Zenga from standard 10 spoke alloys on my previous CT. Unfo do not have many pictures.40b726a5d8fab5830f8e9e9156319aa6.jpg83a7621dc2a211603d4c85eabb50d71c.jpg

These are not the same rims.

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20 minutes ago, Pidu said:

These are Zenga alloys as per OP. Others have shown 17inch 10 spoke standard alloys for early CT200h. Google '2012 Lexus CT200h pdf', it is clearly shown in the brochure.


Sorry for double post.

You are absolutely correct. My apologies. 

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Hi Pidu! Finally some "real world" pics from these alloys thanks!

They are looking great!

In the meantime I changed my standard 10 spoke alloys to this ones:


(10 spokes are going to be refurbished, once the lockdown is over)

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Hi all just joined this forum to share my freshly installed Zenga on a black CT200 and even a before/after without the ugly hubcap during the installation. I hope it will help some to make a decision :





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