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steering weird


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After having a knackered n/s lower ball joint replaced, the steering wheel was not centered any more, straight was 12.30 instead of 12.00. I thought that I would have the o/s one done the following week as well, that put the steering out to 1.00! So I decided to get both track rod ends replaced as well, and the rear knuckle bushes, then take it to Wim (Chesham) to have the four wheel laser tracking done which would obviously sort it out.

Well not really. Everything set up to spec, but driving back I noticed that the steering wheel was still not centered sort of 12.15, and the steering felt strange, very unresponsive when turning, also when reversing out of my drive, the o/s front wheel was scraping on the lower suspension arm. Took it back to Wim and explained the symptoms, he done a few minor adjustments and set the steering straight. When driving back, steering still not straight, sort of 12.07ish and steering still feeling weird and unresponsive. Now these guys obviously know what they are doing, and have set my car up before which was perfect, so it's got to be something else. Had car lowered a few weeks ago but that didn't appear to affect it, could it be the new lower ball joints or the new track rod ends?

Also since then , there is what sounds like a front wheel bearing noise on the o/s front, local garage had a look and don't reckon it is, I need to have a look myself when get a chance, but this all seems a bit weird...hmmm


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So I took o/s front wheel/brakes etc off and spun hub, the bearing had defo gone. took car to a different garage this time and had new wheel bearing fitted and also had both lower ball joints replaced again for a better make (not ecp rubbish). resulting in the steering wheel going to 11 o clock, this proves that the ecp ball joints were complete rubbish!

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