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Flapping Noise >60mph

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Hi all,

I have some kind of 'flapping' sound coming from the rear of the car which only starts when I go fast enough, say 60mph +. Like a piece of cloth or something is attached to the bottom of my car (its not). Under 60mph, no sound at all.

It's hard to properly pinpoint it as you are trying to trace it with your ears as well as drive at up to 70mph, however I think its from under or around the drivers side rear wheel / arch.

Its just been in for a service and I asked the garage to investigate and they said they re secured some under trays....however, straight on the motorway yesterday and its still there.

Gonna jack it up this weekend....any hints of things to check first?

Finally, has anyone had any aftermarket spoilers creating noise at speed? I have one on my boot and a roof top one also....but the appearance of the 'flapping' sound and the fitting of the spoilers do not coincide with one another......just a thought though.

As always, your help is appreciated.


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Check the roof top one - especially the end of the spoiler where it is bonded to the car. My last IS had a roof spoiler and it was not adhered strongly to the body on one side (think water had got under the adhesive) - A bit of Tiger Seal fixed it permanently. I dont remember it making a noise tho

Other area to check would be the felt inner wheel arch liners to see if they are secure

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Basically go all over the car with a 'heavy' hand grabbing and pulling at anything and everything because at 60 mph the wind and more important the turbulence over and under the car is tremendous force, you must have stuck your head out of a car window when you was a kid but I bet you'd be reluctant to do it now at 60 mph!

paul m.

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Thanks for the pointers guys.

Ill give all of those a check. Going to be trial and error I something loose, then go for a drive etc etc

Annoying for such an otherwise silent floaty ride.

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