Oil in the inlet manifold

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Having had a couple of Prius in the past one of the more common issues I have come across with high mileage engines is rough running on start up when the ambient temp is low.


Today on start up my IS300H started displaying the same symptoms. The cause is oil in the inlet manifold, on the Prius it was because of the crankcase venting system.

So I pulled the tubing that runs from the air box to the throttle body off, opened up the throttle flap and this is what I found




So first job will be to clean out the egr cooler next weekend, my feeling is that it will be pretty blocked as this plays a part in the whole breather system, from there I may need to look at fitting an oil catch tank if this doesn’t resolve the issue


My IS has covered about 138,000 miles now and looks like now it will need similar remedial treatment that the Prius used to need



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Interesting. Is there a PCV valve or is it un-valved? If so I often find these can fail over time so maybe worth checking as well. 

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Thanks for sharing. Keep us posted on the progress @Jayw13702

A few photos / a write up wouldn't go amiss either! 😉

These are the things I imagine the dealer don't ever bother with.


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