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I Found These Mystery Connectors In My Boot


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What are these for?

the Orange and White connectors, what are they for?

and would something magical happen if they were connected?

also I found this white 2 pin connector covered in sponge on the underside of my boot

anyone what what it does?

Strange connector 2

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Guessing rear boot spoiler brake light for the one under the lid .......... not sure where the other one is but maybe for the dvd / cd for the sat nav .............. reckon if you could connect them together they would probably fry your fuses :(

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Where exactly is the first pic taken?

US IS300 has two blank connectors either side of a relay for the boot release inside the left side rear wing in the boot - unfortunately no function shown for these (J14 & J15). Do the end covers have connections? ie are they bridging some connections?

The only 2 pin connector near the boot latch is the key unlock switch, but I would have expected this to be plugged in somewhere. Any chance its come unplugged (is there a 2 pin socket nearby?)

I thought US IS's also had a 12V power connector in the boot somewhere and I even looked for it once but didn't find anything. Useful for power fridge, recharging things.

Anothere thought, I believe the SatBav ECU lives in the boot somewhere.

Someone else may have more information.

If you want to experiment, connect a voltmeter (make sure not in Amps mode) across some of the pins and switch a few things on & off.

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I plugged a multimeter onto the 2 pin connector and tried it for the rear brake light thing but nothing came out of it


so I ended up routing a wire all the way to the rear brake lights for the spoiler light

oh well

its done now

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Tony it covers the boot lock mechanism............its very easy to fit, just clips in...not very important if you have the trim panel fitted

thank Mat, had myself worry then.........hehe silly me... :whistling::whistling::whistling:

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