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2mb Broadband For £35


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I know it's been mentioned on LOC before but not sure if anybody is with them. Does sound good provided your phone line is good enough, Rodders couldn't even get 1Mb on his line when he tried to upgrade his ADSL connection.

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Hmmm, looks interesting. Wonder what their contention ratio is on 2Mb?

At that price probably 50:1 - will be interesting to see how many of these cheap providers are still around in a couple of years time..... It's like Steve says

I tried to upgrade my line to 1MB a few weeks back and it all went wrong - ended up being cut off completely by mistake so I swapped ISP's in the end and went with Zen, here's hoping they don't go bankrupt now!!

Still on 512Kb though (might try and upgrade via Zen now)

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BT have that as a business product, not a consumer product (don't forget BTOpenworld was started as a separate company) but it's £130 a month.....

They offer the infrastructure and it's up to the resellers to do with it as they want I guess.

The thing is though, if someone's going for the 2MB product at home it's pretty obvious that it's for leeching purposes and it's usually these users who bring the highest cost to the ISP as opposed to people who get broadband and just occasionally surf or check emails etc...

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"2mb for about £35 is damn cheap!!!!! "

Sounds too good to be true Steve, yet more money leaving this country!!

500K will work up to -60db and 1Mg up to only -40db on our network, so you would have to be pretty close to the exchange to get 2Mg over our twisted pairs.

Britian is pretty good at building infrastructures, then let the foreigners use it at nil cost, suppose thats what they call "fair competiton"..I'll be selling Tesco baked beans fron the back of my van soon :angry:

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