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Windscreen wiper mark

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Where the passenger side windscreen wiper finishes on its upward sweep i have a line on the windscreen. The line is as long as the wiper blade. I have had this issue on other cars as well. I'm obviously doing something wrong on my windscreen cleaning. I'm looking for help here from some of you expert windscreen cleaners. My usual routine after a wash is go over windscreen again with the likes of autoglymn fast glass or if i haven't any left something like Mr muscle or cif window cleaner. After that i might leave it or i may go over it with some autoglymn glass polish. Then if the screen gets dirty before next wash i may quickly use fast glass again or Mr muscle etc. I use a paper towel and i always clean the blade. Am i over doing it. The line where the wiper pushes it is difficult to remove. Thanks.

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On 12/15/2020 at 12:20 PM, Malc said:

try a cut potato surface ! ............  that might help, maybe it's the starch in it


ill give it a go

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