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Just Purchased New Honda Crv Se Exec


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Hi Guys,

Well, I've been saying I'm going to do it for a couple of weeks now... and I've finally took the plunge.

I've just ordered a spanking hew Honda CRV SE-Executive for my wife. Should arrive 9th May.

I finally got £4000 trade in for her nearly 3 year old Vauxhall Corsa. The sales guy also came down from £20,918 list to £19,500. Plus free mats £45, tank of petrol and parking sensors painted £100.

So, at the end of the day it cost £16,324 (plus 4k trade in) including extras like Supaguard, GAP insurance and Parking Sensors. Not a bad deal... and quite a bit cheaper than Hondas

I hope the wifey likes it!


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Blimey! Just had a call from Mr Honda dealer telling me I can have my wife's new car Saturday week (3rd April). I was originally told that it was a 7 week wait.

I'm a bit concerned that they've dragged a car out of a showroom somewhere. I made it clear to the salesman that I didn't want a 'ex showroom' car. He swore it wasn't and said they had done a swap for one in another dealer's compound.

So, new toy in a week or so. Not a Lex - but nice none the less :geek:

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  • 2 weeks later...
I was originally told that it was a 7 week wait.

I was told the same thing if we (read, she) was choosy on the colour. She wanted either silver or magnetic blue. The blue was a few weeks off, but we could have the silver almost instantly. Next day, dealer called to say they were getting the blue for 1 week delivery! (She was happy).

Anyway, now that you've got it - what do you think?

Could you do me a favour and tell me what version of the NAV DVD you have? (Settings \ Information, I think). Just wondering if we should update ours as it's 18 months out of date.

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My wife and I picked up the CRV on Saturday!

The collection turned into a nightmare:

1) Glen (the salesman) rang me last Monday asking if he could register the car on the 31st of March to get his bonus. I agreed as long as we could pick the car up on the Saturday morning at 9:30am as we were going out. Glen agreed.

2) Phoned on Friday morning to check that everything was ready only to be told by the receptionist that Glen had "left the company". I was told that the sales manager would ring back in 15 mins.

3) Waited until midday before Lee (sales manager) phones me back. Lee tells me there may be a problem with delivery as the parking sensors were being fitted as we spoke. He said he would ring me back later in the day to confirm that Saturday was fine for collection.

4) 5:58pm. Still no phone call from Lee. So, I phone the dealer. Receptionist tells me that Lee went home lunchtime. By now I'm starting to get angry. Reception puts me though to Andy who is the "Honda Brand Manager".

5) I tell Andy the story and get pretty upset that the sales ***** Glen registered our car early and ran off with his bonus and left us twisting in the wind. I insist on a loan car as my wife's insurance would run out 9:30am on the Saturday morning. Andy Agrees. Andy says parking sensors are being fitted "as we speak". I tell him the Lee told me that yesterday. Prat.

6) We arrive at Essex Park Honda at 9:30am on the Saturday morning. Andy is very nice and gives us the loan car and tells me that the car will be ready post midday. I then ask to talk to him in private.

7) I give Andy an ear bashing for the staff not ringing me back or keeping me informed and the sales guy screwing us over. Andy tries to offer us a free tank of petrol. It then became clear that he had no idea what preparation our car needed. We *already* had a free tank of petol, mats, etc.

8) I tell Andy to have the car ready by 4:30pm *with* all options specified *and* that I wanted a free first service. Andy wobbles about the service. I tell him he can forget the 20k I was going to pay him and the deal would be off. I said I would return at 4:30pm and he should *think* about it. Idiot.

9) Return at 4:30pm. Car is ready. All options fitted. Andy hands my wife and I a letter of apology with a free service.

One thing is for sure... The Honda dealer is nothing like Lexus Hadleigh.

All in all, the car is great and seems well made. I can even say I'm tempted over the Lex at the moment... However, it just doesn't cruise as quietly as my IS....

BTW - djanderso - I will sort out those dvd version numbers for you.

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Oh dear - shame the experience of picking up a new car was ruined somewhat. Hopefully though you'll soon forget about that and enjoy it.

I know what you mean about the cruise, but then it is only a 4 cylinder so doesn't have that nice 6 cylinder feel about it. But hey, at least it goes in the snow! :D

Thanks in advance for the Nav thing. :)

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