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Hi all 

has anyone had a front and rear dash cam supplied and fitted by lexus? just been to Halfords and for a good front and rear inc kit,sd card and fitting they want £275 called lexus and they have a more discrete one same company nexbase with no wires to be seen for £100 more, speaking to Halfords guys who seemed a little confused amd not very confident id be happier with lexus to be honest but just wondered if anyone had any experience with their dash cams ?

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I had the front only system installed a couple of years ago, before the dual system was released.

My dealer did a great job - no wires visible.

I uploaded some photos of it back when it was done - click here

The video quality can be seen here

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My brother go one from ebay for about 20 quid  and it does the job perfectly fine - it has G sensor so starts recording it car is hit and it has wifi connect  - he has been recently been in an accident and he used the footage.

He tucked the wires in the front pillar.

I would suggest have a look on ebay - do some comparisons - have a look at the numbers sold and feedback and buy from there - I just think the difference in price is just too much to justify going to the high street

He got this one or very similar

1080P Mini Car DVR Camera Dash Cam WIFI G-sensor Video Recorder Night Vision | eBay

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The Lexus/Toyota approved model can be purchased as a front or front and rear.

Looking at the rear camera install -  there will always have to be some wire visible to allow the boot to open is my understanding

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I purchased Nextbase 522w front and rear for 200eu from Halfords Dublin last year. For a good few months Haldfords would't install DashCams due to Covid Safety.

In November 2020 for 60eu i had both installed quite ok( will add pics) . Now i see that the price for the dashcam went up so installation price to 41eu each


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