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Blue Gas to Save the ICE?

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Daily Mail: Will blue gas kill Tesla? New emission-free liquid hydrocarbon fuels a 300-mile trip on a full tank.

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Interesting. Thanks for sharing. What the report doesn’t say is whether the power and drivability is impacted by this fuel. I’m pretty sure there will be some amazing developments over the next 5-10 years.

I’ve never been sure that pure EVs are the answer because the electricity has to first be generated. Substations won’t cope with too many people charging up their cars overnight either. The lead-time for new power stations and substations is massive and is currently out of kilter with potential demand as everyone starts to move over to EVs.

We do need solutions like the one mentioned above.

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To be picky, the article is not accurate in detail. Blue Gas (or Blue Hydrogen) is not entirely emission free as the carbon capture aspect of the process is around 80 to 90% efficient according to various more informed articles. Green gas using renewable energy is closer to 100%. Nevertheless it illustrates more progress towards weaning ourselves off fossil fuels. I don't think Tesla are worried though. Equally we have not nearly exhausted research on Battery technology. There are very promising avenues in geothermal lithium production and cobalt free technology which are much less harmful to the environment than current methods and strategically advantageous for the West to invest in as it moves production sites to within their borders. The most promising geothermal sites are currently in Germany/France, the US and the UK even.

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