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I've had a towbar on my NX for a few years and never done anything more that taking stuff down to the tip in a small trailer.  However, last week i did a run from Norfolk to Devon with a trailer load of approx 1500Kg.  (moving house) My wife was behind me in a Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0L petrol auto, towing a horsebox at about 2300kg - no horses just hay and fencing.  The journey is nearly all motorway/dual carriageway and we traveled with the NX cruise control set to 55 MPH.  Both cars were fully loaded with at least 150Kg luggage.

The NX coped really well and, as always, was a pleasure to be in.  Indicated MPG was around 22 MPG at the start in Norfolk, Cambridgeshire etc. dropping to 19 MPG as the land got lumpier closer to Devon.  The NX didn't have any problem with the bigger hills in Devon but the revs did go up to max a few times.  My wife in the Jeep had to ask me to slow down as the Jeep struggled to keep up.  I don't look at the Jeep fuel consumption - it's too depressing.

I admit I was a little apprehensive about embarking on this trip but the NX was more than up to the job and I wouldn't hesitate to do something similar again.

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That's good to hear! I suppose it must be down to the NX's electric motors providing torque on demand. Can you imagine if they fitted a more powerful motor and some li-po batteries! In the words of Jeremy Clarkson 'PPPOOOOWWWWWEEERRRRRRRR'

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I read a tow car test by the Caravan Club of an NX towing a caravan. They rated it quite high as I recall. Good to hear your trip went well. I once did 14.9mpg on a 150 mile trip down to the south coast, caravan in tow. A 4.4 litre V8 BMW X5. The car was barely affected by the caravan. Apart from the fuel consumption. Then again it only did 22-24 solo.

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