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Hi all,

I took the roof rail strips off today when washing my car, they needed re-jigging from a windscreen replacement done prior to my ownership. When I removed them I noticed what looks like surface rust along the edge where it joins the side pieces. (See pictures)

Might be worth others checking to see if they have anything similar, just be delicate as you pull the strips off.

Mine is a 2008 with 67k miles

Does anyone have a ball park idea how much it would cost to get it rectified, it's on both sides and almost along the entire length ?



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This is presumably easy to treat, provided it is caught in time, but worrying all the same as the ISF is renowned for its rust-free bodywork.  Are the gutters easy to remove to check this, do they just pop-out?

Has anyone else seen this?


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@Grey One Thank you for replying to my post. Mine did just pop out, however it has had a windscreen before my ownership so whether this made them easier to remove as they've been removed before, I don't know. They did pop back on just fine, there's like a plastic section on the roof at both ends that it clips onto. I'll take it to some body shops to get some quotes.

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