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  1. Coming on to 4 years longest I've owned any car and I can't imagine me selling it anytime soon, has been by far the most reliable car I've had which is one of the main reasons I've kept hold so long.
  2. Audi s8 2015 onwards bargain now, I've driven one a few times great cruiser extremely comfortable and spacious with plenty of power.
  3. Made me laugh I'm exactly the same, it's getting a bit of a problem at the moment though takes me 20 mins to empty my place of work to able to start work I don't even have time to drive half of the time! I blame my parents as it all started with matchbox cars a long time ago the ones with the retro 80's looking packaging good memories.
  4. Yes definitely do they have great customer service, took me over a year to prove I wasn't involved in a crash even after I showed proof I sold the vehicle at the time of said smash, constant threats from bailiffs and around 100 rounds plus of email tennis and still not 100% sure it's resolved, my correspondence stopped when covid arrived so who knows.
  5. Is that quad pushing it with what appears to be a bale wow! that's erm erm I'm lost for words.
  6. No problem it's just lying around collecting dust sooner help an f'er out 👍 I live in Pontefract but my works in Doncaster you can come to which ever works out best.
  7. I've got one your welcome to collect if your anywere near I don't want anything for it
  8. Got to agree, it's next job on my car I've also parked it up until I can get the job done.
  9. Me too but apart from the current issue and the water pump I've yet to see anything else crop up enough to call them issue's.
  10. Good choice and another BMW fan I'm not jealous of the 2002 honest 😍
  11. I rang Leeds up about this and reckon the fluid is changed out on the big service, haven't had chance to check my invoices as my cars parked in another unit anyone know if that's the case?
  12. Hope its not bad news Mate 😦perhaps this preventative work whats been discussed is turning out to be something to really consider now think ill be getting mine checked this week im same year as your's.
  13. Always best to try the easy route first, plus you have to be really accurate when reapplying the emblems as if you get it even a mm out you know it will do your head in every time you look at it.
  14. i must have applied it wrong, didnt last me long at all at first time in second time i did it,well its still there no marks.
  15. Does a better job badge off as its got an exposed edge which will eventually peel off,each to there own though.
  16. i did my rear badges just took a picture and measurements of their location and removed them, i did that way as to create an all round bond if you have exposed edges it will ware away over time and cleaning.
  17. Got a new battery assumed the terminals were located the same as oem big mistake! one fusible link i think it was 23 blade fuses and a blown engine ecu,luckily there was a written off isf at a breakers so managed to get the ecu off that and coded to my car otherwise it was a looking like a rather large bill.
  18. And if anyone needs a nice story of how this pan's out and how much it costs your more than welcome to ask myself.
  19. Had this exact problem happen quite a bit especially with BMW's in the past luckily there's plenty of specialist's up my way just finding the right one. Even worse when the manufacturer invents its own tools for certain jobs and they become impossible to purchase after so many years.
  20. Your post came across as a little cocky so that's what instigated my reply if that wasn't your intention then i do apologise i sometimes don't read between the line's. In all honesty i wouldn't know the cost's of the service but at a quick guess it would be at least 35% cheaper as i don't have all the overheads as you mentioned in your post which is the main reason i can operate my current business rates a lot cheaper than others. It wouldn't be just for F cars though as there's simply not enough on the road to justify more investment, i'd be aiming at performance cars in general to
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