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found this whilelooking for a bike to repair h**p://

i have had a motorbike off them in the past that was on for £1750 and i got it for £1450 so they will haggle dont know if its worth repairing but may be good for parts

h**p:// main page with all stock

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you would have to haggle a lot ... new wing/bonnet/front bumper/ headlight/ sidelight/windscreen that lot b4 fitting will be over a grand then repspray... you can pick up l reg ones for about £3500..

never the less nice find as its hard to find scrapped lexi


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Would have been nice to veiw under the bonnett just to see how far the damage has gone, you can proberly pick a few of these parts from a scrapy or second hand.

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The link is dead. Tell me it wasn't my old one.

No, your OK, it was a Silver Lady, I think it was an "L" plate, it's been sold as well. Just checked the site.

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Cheers Norkep.

Incidentally, Hills salvage have an L plate for sale on their web site which looks like mine in the pic but its blue. Makes me sound colour blind but its a bad pic and seeing the pic and rear spoiler got me all excited. :P . It took me a few seconds to realise the wheels were wrong as well .

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