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Meguiars! Your Not Going To Belive This!

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1st of all let's get one thing clear I work for Scottish&Newcastle Breweries. I make this point early on so that you don't think I work for Meguiars.

This is a true storey.

My car was damaged by some stupid :tsktsk: in a supermarket carpark with a trolley. I had to get the rear off side door re-skinned and a new rear pannel. As the car was in the garage I decided that I would also get my front bumper re-sprayed to cover up all the stone chips. An excellent job was done by my local Lexus garage last weekend.

I had bought the Meguiars Gold Class shampoo and Car Polish as well as the washing Mit and Terry Cloth about a month ago before the accident and had not had chance to use it untill today. Well!!!!!!! my new paint work looks and feels great lexus had done a great job to match the new paint with the three year old paint on my vehicle. I've been itching to use the Meguiars stuff for so long I decided that today would be the day, so I washed the whole vehicle with the shampoo and waxed all but my three new pannels. And this is the bit you aint gona belive until you try Meguiars for yourselves!!!! My three year old pannels now look newer, glossier and a deeper colour than my week old pannels and to make things even better, my next door neighbour has just bought a brand new IS200 in Platinum Ice the same colour as mine (im Not Happy :tsktsk: I want one now) and mine is even shineyer than his :D :D :D ! But im not going to tell him what polish and wax Ive just used (He's already asked) So do me a favour please dont tell him about Meguiars either!!!!! :driving:

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I'm gonna have to get some of this stuff for the Calender competition :whistling::whistling::whistling: I've just tried the link that you posted but it won't let me in :crybaby: No worries I'll just go straight to it.. Ps.. Have you told your neighbour about LOC GOLD?????? :winky:

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Nod mate, try the 3 stage Deep Crystal system - it's what most on here use.

The Gold Class stuff I think gives you more shine but doesn't last as long as the 3 Stage (not quite sure on that one) but I think someone on here applied the 3 stage and the gold class last - might have been Pete?

For more severe scratches ther is the ScratchX stuff which is supposed to be good, think it might have been Imi recommended that one - might have to give that one a go myself.

I bought 4 of the applicator pads, a towel, the 3 stage, some of the Endurance High Shine tyre gloss and a wahing mitt.

Good stuff, but going to get a couple more of the towels as they were **** hot for waxing the car!!

I'm tempted to try some of the Zaino stuff that Imi mentioned a while ago - supposed to be the dog's danglies but it's a bitch to get hold of in the UK (you have to import it)....

I also read the Meguiars site on Saturday and it said the best thing for swirl marks is one of their polisher machines (about £100) - I might invest in one of those and give it a go but you can get them cheaper at Argos....

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I'm gonna order some NXT and if it comes in time will try it this weekend - seems to be similar to Zaimo but haven't seen anyone on here try it - anyone out there using this??

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Nod, basically it's their new product - but it doesn't last as long as the 3 stage, and it doesn't look as great until you've got a few layers on there. At some point it's supposed to look great but it seems to vary on paint and colour..

Thing is mate, I'd buy the Deep Crystal if I were you as we can all tell you it's the dogs bollocks, this new one I'm not so sure of but I'll give it a go for the interests of the club!!

Get the 3 stage for now mate as that is fantastic, and I'll see what this stuff is like (not really looking forward to applying 5+ coats of a wax - will take me weeks!!!

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Oh well, just ordered another £60 worth of product (the NXT stuff) - will let you guys know what this is like - I'm hoping that I'll get it before the weekend but delivery was 5 days last time (I've been cheeky and asked them to ship it quickly so I can try it for you guys!!!!)

Also, any of you guys had experience with PoorBoys products? I was looking at their stuff earlier and read it's supposed to be alright?

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