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Finally after all you guys help i got my Wreg IS200 Sport in blue (70 odd thousand full lexus history) and am totally made up with it especially the price i paid :D :D :D :D (it was getting close as it took me 3 weeks to find the right model at the right price) i will post some pics later on this aftrenoon.

I have a question about going gold i have filled the forms in on line and used my currnet user name and password but it comes up with the following message BAD INPUT USERNAME IS INVALID any ideas lads??


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That's good news after all your searching! Congratulations, bet you're chuffed to bits. Are you going to come along to JAE and show it off now?!

Regarding going GOLD, if you drop Steve (admin) a PM he may be able to help.

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Hi Claire yer i am proper made up, cant make it to JAE i am a bit gutted really beacuse i have only just got the car and i am going on holiday at the end of the week, I just want to drive :D :D :D

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I am picking up my new Lexus IS 200 se tomorrow , really looking forward to getting it.

Nice :)

It's a good feeling being a pimp and all that :)

What colour did you go for then?

There are a few members here with those scuff plates, what do you want to know about them?? They look good but a few people have had problems with the transformers or the lights dying, think theres a problem keeping the rain out or something like that, someone who has them will be able to tell you more!

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