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New Family Arrival

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Hi All,

Its here!!

Picked up the RX today...

Best decision for our needs, more convinced and we've only done 10 miles in it...

I just love the fact that its so I've mentioned before not really a big car fan but this has impressed me... :D

Lexus Croydons handover gets 11 out of 10...thanks Ian for the pleasurable experience...Can't ever remember thinking that before and this is my 3rd brand new car over the years..

France here we come...get to play with the Sat Nav over half term, and the rear view camera is indispensable...we have a really step drive and doing a 3 point turn without the camera would be very tricky...

In short really pleased, I'll let you know how the France drive goes :tomato:

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Defiantly watch out for the French drivers, not trying to put you off, but my brother picked up his A4 drop top and went straight over to France for a couple of weeks. He came back early not a happy bunny thanks to some kind person when the car was parked up in carpark.

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thanks for the advice, I'll definately watch out, won't be venturing into paris or other crowded places...just a leisurely drive through a few sights in Normandy to put the RX through its paces...

incidentally, added 150 miles since delivery...was in the M25 rain storm last night and felt really really safe and secure...RX definately come into its own visibility, comforts...yes this is the first suv I've owned and not used to sitting in a high position on the road...but getting to like it more and more...

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