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I'm A Newcomer


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Hi i've just bought a is200 and i pick it up on in 2 days (can't wait). I mean going from a 1.0 yaris to a 2.0 lexus, should be fun.

I'm looking for an induction kit and air intake, also I'm after window tints.

I'm new to this stuff and a veiw quality links would be greatly accepted.



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hi Brewie,

if your after mods,, best bet is to do what i did when i joined,, i clicked on peoples banner (now its the garage) and looked at what mods they had, you can then PM the person and they will help you out no problem..

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Thanx guys.

It's not modified at all, what would be best to do first.

i was thinking about an induction kit and air intake, and all i wanna do to the outside is window tints.

How much would i be looking at to do these mods?


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hi brewie, welcome to loc mate.

induction kit will be around £150 for a trust greddy one, you can also add an air scoop off the is300 to direct more cold air to the filter for around £30. pm pete jenkin for the induction kit.

i'd recommend getting an exhaust too, prices from £200 to £400 depending on what you want really. altezza scott did have some cheap second hand ones going.

i got both my front windows tinted to blend with the rears on my sport for £50, think you should get the whole car done for about £200.

if you become a gold member, there are numerous discounts available in the gold forums.

hope you enjoy your new car matey!

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You might want to consider getting a styling kit ? - I just think it makes the IS200 look that bit more meaner.

I'm not into big horrible bodykits, but the styling kit is cool !

Don't forget to visit the legal forum about the current window tinting legislation ....


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Sounds good, the cars black aswell.

don't know about the exhaust, don't want that rumble noise.


blacks the best colour mate ;)

i think its the tte remus exhaust that isnt too loud.

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