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New Gs300 Owner And Forum Member...

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Hi folks

Just bought a '94 GS300 - impressed by the comfort, pace and 'different' looks of the GS300.

The car's showing 136,000 miles and with the money I haggled off I'm thinking of treating the old girl to a full service, now due. I live in the sticks so can a competent mechanic (who happens to be a neighbour) give it a proper service, including cambelt change?

Secondly, I'm after a remote control unit. Do I have to get this from lexus, or are there 3rd-party alternatives, including coding them? I'm prepared for a wallet bashing but once it's done it's done - if I can't locate it from the previous owner.

Any other comments and advice appreciated :-)


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Service shouldn't be a problem for that age of vehicle, nothing too complex on the engine.

As for the remote you may wish to think about putting in a third-party alarm as the standard one on that age of GS isn't Thatcham approved.

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welcome to the club!

lets be having some pics then  ;)

Thanks All for the welcome!

Actually collecting car from Chester tomorrow, then the *long* drive north...

That's the reason I went for a Lexus - I regularly drive between 600 and 800 miles in one go and appreciate a smooth, comfortable ride.

I think there are two other 'Lexi' on the islands - an IS200 and an LS430, but you'd be surprised how many exotic cars there are here, Astons, Ferraris, Porsches - no CityRovers though...


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Was in Orkney last year; superb place. But didn't bring the Lex - hired a Renault Scenic (which was to my eternal chagrin utterly loved by Mrs Dipstick, who has never ceased since to twitter about it.)

Mind you, you're not going to get your GS much above 60 before you run out of road, are you! Lucky you do so many miles on the mainland then.

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Oh yeah! congrats on a good buy BTW no complaints with a GS :D

:offtopic: I know a fella who drives to Southampton every day from the middle of Hertfordshire in a TT Soarer done 260,000 miles and still going vvv. strong!

(i think i want one) :whistling:

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