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Photoshop Xperts


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So guys, now i have my carputer installed, i need a decent skin for the mediaengine front end.

This is the software that im using here

And this is the photoshop tutorial to give you an idea,, but if your familiar with layers, layer sets and layer transparencies then your way ahead of me lol..

have a look here for some example of what otheres have done..

Basically what im after is a Lexus theme, ie the L symbol in the middle say, and the various buttons around it..

Buttons i need will be:-

Play Music

Browse Media

Watch Movies

External Apps


dont forget a 'selected' button style would be needed.

would also be nice to have Lexus font (alexis)

you may have to download the program and skin maker for specific icons,

ANY help someone can give would be great. of course a paypal donation would come your way..

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Fargo ..... I'll see what I can do for you ........ no promises though !

I'll try ......

Do you want it really customized ? I.E - to include your car too ?

If so ... email me some pics !!

UPDATE ** It's more complex than I thought ... what screen resolution will you be using ?

800 * 600 or 1024 * 768 !

Cheers !!

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marvelous scarface...or should i call you MR Face .. and i have now got the completed 'pda' skin..

now just gota make the transition and should be up and running,

just having a little prob with the carpc at the mo, so will runn the pda skin onthe laptop to see how it works..

thanks again man..

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I do, mine is not in yet though, as I am working on fitting my touchscreen into the OEM nav housing. Biggest problem is time :( I have amps, speakers, head unit, carputer, split charge system all ready to go in, just need a few clear days to do it in... one day :)

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ahh thats a differnt ball game young man,, what Nacromax is doing is ADDING the housing oem only as he has not got the sat nav to begin with.. then to that he is adding a screen..

not interfacing the PC with the oem nav,, that is a feat in itself. especially if you want touchscreen..

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Nice work there Scarface! Quick too!!!!!

Just for the sake of it, I was thinking of a carbon fibre/chrome arrangement, but got no further than this prototype. It's a bit confused and probably too monochromatic for a small screen, but I thought I'd show it anyway :)


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