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Trust Greddy Induction Kit


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Take off the existing air scoop and air box with this filter in it.

This will expose the engine top and you'll see how dirty it really is (well mine was anyway)

Before you can take the air box away from the car, you will need to pull out the air flow sensor including the rubber plug that secures it in place. You will need this to reattached the sensor to the new induction pipe.

Now position the new shiney chrome pipe into position and using the jubilee clips provided, tighten the kit into place.

You should also recieve a metal bracket which can be attached to secure the pipe to the car.

There's also a small rubber pipe that fits into the induction pipe and links to the top of the engine. Not sure how this is used, but this bit is obvious when you come to fit the kit.

The kit also comes with 2 small wires and some connectors. You'll need to cut the existing air sensor cable and attach the wires so you can extend the sensor long enough to reach the area on the pipe to plug it in. This is where you'll need that rubber plug.

Attach the filter head and that's it....easy.

I found these threads useful to read - here and here

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