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I have had/Been Driving Fast cars etc since I was 17, Cossie's, RS Turbos, Volvo T5's, and so on.. Had my first LS400 @ 21 and paid around £1100 to Insure it. Now I am 24 Drive an LS400 and have had one fault accident and one SP30.

Well im 31 and been quoted £605 from Adrian Flux for a GS300 Sport

So i say this 31 yr old is getting ripped, cos my car is a group 19 and I am only paying £585 F/C with Norwich Union Direct! (QUOTE ME HAPPY!!) They bloody well did, £200-£300 cheaper than Churchill and Elephant etc!!

Bison :zee:

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Try Zurich they have always quoted me cheaper than anyone else

Try Zurich

I think that all insurance companies are the minions of Satin! :devil::devil::devil::devil::devil::devil::devil::devil::devil:

ditto, im 20 driving an is200 and im near 2000 for insurance, granted i did crash my mazda and got 4 points straight after within the last 6 months. lol

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