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Windscreen Cracked


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I was driving up the A12 on sat nite and all of a sudden my window just cracked. There was no impact to cause it, so cant work out what it is. I gave the car a wash before i set out and i had the heater on but surely that could not crack the screen. :duh:

The crack comes from the bottom of the screen and just about wiper height it goes right across almost like from wiper to wiper adn goes down to the bottom again.

Cant think what could have caused this.

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You might have already had a tiny chip in the screen (maybe near the bottom where you can't see it from the inside) and a change in temp or jolt could cause it to just "let go".

I had a tiny little chip for quite a while, then one day when it was cold outside I switched on the screen heater and the screen split all the way up.

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