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Advice Needed!


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Just after a bit of knowledge and/or advice on my brother’s behalf.

He snapped his key in door lock of his Saxo last night, the part that’s snapped off has remained in the barrel but he can still lock and unlock his car by inserting the rest of the key and can still start the engine because a different key is required.

When he first got the car I was like for the :tsktsk: , using two different keys to enter and start the car very strange!

He was only given one of each key and has no spares, he enquired about having a spare cut but was told £100 because it is coded. There is no security light on the dash and the car doesn’t have any immobiliser or alarm you can't arm or disarm at the touch of a button. So I am unsure whether this is true or not, to me it just looks like a normal key with a Citroen badge.

He is unable to put petrol in his car as the key that’s snapped opens the petrol cap.

I was just wondering if anybody has had the unfortunate experience of snapping their key and how did they rectify the problem.

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated!


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get new door locks, drill out the petrol lock and replace it also..

Or you can call a lock smith to remove the key thats in the lock, maybe then inserting it in the petrol lock so you can at least fill it with petrol, and with your two new door locks you can lockthe car..

but i really cant see there being anything special with the door key,, the ignitionkey yeh, it may have the chip inside the fob..

how bout this, remove the door lock so you cna get to the remaining bit of the key, remove it,, take the key to a local keycutters and get them to cut a new one.. then try the key,, i think your find it wil work..

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