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802.16 Wi-max


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With so many technical people on here, I thought a little technology I have been working on recently may be of interest, and perhaps some members will know more than I do and can fill us in....

Its called Wi-Max (802.16), and its similar to Wi-Fi (802.11) but on a bigger scale..

Its main focuses are:

1. Replacing ADSL and Cable for Broadband home access.

Wi-Max can offer broadband connection speeds over several miles (Wi-Fi is limited to a few hundred metres), and what this means is, you can have broadband access to your home, and you dont need a BT/NTL phone line, or to be within a certain distance of an exchange...

All it will require is your in a catchment area - which although in the beginning will be small, by 2007/08 expect every major town and city to have coverage.

The other benifit is, its wireless access, so you can use your computer anywhere in your house - no need to be tied to a phone line..

2. The second main focus, is replacing the 'mobile hotspots' - so if you have a contract (either home BB or roaming) and are in a major town/city/airport, you will have wireless access (remember coverage is several miles).. so you could even check your emails while sat [stationary] on the M25, and guys with in-car computers - well think of the possiblilties..

There are other suggesstions to its uses, such as mobile IP phones etc.. but that will all piggyback the infrastructure once its up...

From what i can tell, expect to start hearing about it next year....

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