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Replacement Battery


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Can anyone help the Battery on my car is going flat if I use the radio without the engine running for more than 5 mins. Only the radio is switched on (no seats, rear window etc...) Its just been for a hundred mile run out so i know its not that.

Its been back to Lexus who insist the altenator is fine and they are blaming the Battery even though its brand new, they fitted it and it passes the Battery checks with the meter they use.

Anyway I remember a post that advised a very good Battery you can fit but I can't find it. It was posted within the last month or two. Don't think it will solve the problem but its one less thing.......

Can anyone help?????

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I'm not sure if it was the Bosch one or Halfords one (both are very good). Which ever you choose, it was recommended on here that you go for one higher than the standard power rating one - I think standard is 45Ah, and recommended is 60Ah.

I'm sure someone will correct me if not..

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Apparently the Calcium battery's from Halfrauds are very good.. four year warranty, and 20% off at the moment I think ;) I was thinking of getting one myself

Got one of these on my GS and the van ,both have been good up till now ,even left the interiour light on in the van all night and it still started :)

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