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Car Dealers Have No Idea


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My daughter is after a new car so we spent some time today going to a few dealers to see what she would like.

We went to our local FORD dealership to look at the new Fiesta. Walked round the cars for a while then went into the showroom and waited by the sales counter and waited and waited and waited, I went up to the service desk and asked the nice lady if there were any sales people available. She replied there is only two working today and they are busy, me too I replied and walked out.

Off we went to the local Toyota dealership to look at the Yaris, A smaller garage but infortunately there were already customers in the showroom talking to staff, we waited and waited and waited. A quick " I will be with you in a moment" would have kept us in the showroom but no, alas another example of poor customer service.

Is it because they are selling too many cars to bother?


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i went to my land rover dealer today and they were falling over themselves to help.

mind u i went in with my father in law to pick up his new freelander.

whilst there something came over me and i ended up buying a new one for my wife.

too put icing on the cake my uncle walked in and bought a new discovery whilst we were getting ours.

the salesman was gobsmacked and i even managed to get some nice waterproof land rover fleece jackets out of him aswell. :winky:

i think they put something in the free coffee they kept bringing us. :duh:

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