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This is a little random but I hope someone can figure out what's going on :)

Basically, haven't had my place that long, and discovered this in a cupboard:


This got me thinking that there must be a loop in the apartment, so started looking around a bit. This is what's in the living room: (all seems pretty standard)


But then looked in the main bedroom, and found these, which both have what appear to be coaxial cables in them (the one behind the blank cover is black, and the one behind the cable cover is white, like the ones connected up to the splitter):


Where is it likely that the single cable into the splitter is coming from? And where are the two outputs going? :blink:

If anyone could help, it would be cool (cos I was a bit annoyed that there was no TV point in the bedroom) :ph34r:

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That looks like a TV/Sat link splitter, have one in my living room for splitting 1 signal into 2/3 depending on the type of splitter used.

The single should come from the main inlet, normally located in the main room where the Radio and TV come in, the other 2 can go into any room that has one of the TV Coxial Points

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I was guessing that that's what it must be, with the plain blank box being for terrestrial, and the cable blank box for receiving whatever is showing in the living room, and that's why that splitter is there in the cupboard.

However, shouldn't there be somewhere in the living room to plug in an output from the cable box, to then go wherever else it can?

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