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The New 06 Mot


Your thoughts...Jubilation or violation...  

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  1. 1. Your thoughts...Jubilation or violation...

    • 1. Violation of civil rights
    • 2. About time those who don't deserve become visible
    • 3. Wonder if the new test will be harder to pass
    • 4. Couldn't give a 'flying Cat' either way

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This year will evolve the new MOT means of testing, basically the actual test becomes 'live' and is monitored by Ministry Of Transport through VOSSA.

So no longer will we own a piece of paper stating 'road worthiness' all the details pass/fail will be held within the new VOSSA/MOT collaboration

The new test will make all cars visible at every camera and police car so the need to be legal becomes visible either by the fine on the door mat or by the blue lights.

Personally i welcome the new set-up and wish the Police all the best catching these 'away anchors' with no MOT/ Insurance/Tax

But i wonder your thoughts

1. Does it violate your rights if you are legal, are you bothered if 'yes' why?

2. Do you feel the same passion as me.....'go get them'

3. Why should it be? same extra parameters are required

4. Yeah so what!.... I'm legal who gives a 'flying cat'

Big Brother the protector or do you think this is all another revenue scam for the Government?

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Only if it contributes to dropping insurance and road tax prices. Other than that do you not think they already are nosey bastards enough??

Indeed.. in reality fully comp insurance should lower in cost as this loss is directed 100% toward the insurer.... assuming the new system works 'FC' will have another insurer to claim against...... road tax.. nah that will stay the same.. or go up?

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would have thought it would be cheaper for the goverment to simply issue a MOT disc the same as a Tax Disc,,  so if you dont display one then you aint got one and you get pulled...

Well yes, but..... like anything else this could be copied and give an impression of being legal, were as the new system removes this opportunity and gives the car an invisible right to be or not to be on the road......imagine this

Yesterday Mr plod pulls over the hoody in the Escort with a light out......

'This car got a MOT sonny?'

'Oh yes Mr Policeman.... MOT.... Tax fell off and my Gran payed for the Insurance'

....... 'Well OK then?.... get that light fixed!'....

Today Mr plod pulls over the Hoody in the Escort with the light out......


It would seem that this system will allow the police to do what the desperately want to do and that's Police.........

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OR the conersation could be

wheres your taz.mot disc....


your nicked.

I do understand were your coming from but!!!!!

Any visual representation indicating the cars right to be on the road will be violated, this new Mot system denies that opportunity.

I think it's the best way to hit the tossers who have given us the middle finger for many years........ as we all know if the car has no MOT then the insurance is paper plane making material....

Don't you think!

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