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One For The Golfers


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An Adolf Hitler - Taking two shots in a bunker

An Arthur Scargill - a great strike but a poor result

A Kate Winslett - a bit fat but otherwise perfect

A Rodney King - Over Clubbed

An O J Simpson - somehow got away with it

A Condom - safe but didn't feel good

A Sister-in-law - you're up there, but you know you shouldn't be

A Kathy Freeman - its ugly but its still running

A Kate Moss - a bit thin

Taking a Gerry Adams - Hitting a Provisional Ball

A Nipple Licker - a shot that opens up the hole

A Diego Maradona - a very nasty little five footer

A Salman Rushdie - an impossible read

A Rock Hudson - thought it was straight, but it wasn't

A Ladyboy - Looks like an easy hole but all may not be what it seems

Putting like a Gynaecologists assistant - Shaving the hole

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