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The Dreaded Error 3 Message.........

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had enough of my cd player last week, it came up with the ERR3 message again.

i needed an excuse to start on my carputer !!

took the headunit out & decided to poke the screwdriver at it in anger.

so took the rearcover off & noticed that the cd's where stuck diagnaly.

there's 2 white wheel's at the top that move the cd's up & down.

manully rotated the right spindle & the higher part of the cd's started to go down.

when they were all back down to the bottom, plugged in the power & hey presto, we have music :hehe::hehe::hehe:

heres a picture to give you an idea................

A = cover hook (after removing the screw's, you will have to give a good hard tug to pull the cover free).

B = 1 0f the 2 wheel's that will adjust the cd's up or down.

C = this thick yellow line is how the cd's were stuck.

D = the thin yellow area is where they a re supposed to be.

by the way, my headunit is from a W reg 2000 model with the cassette deck on top & the cd below.

good luck ;)

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what cover do you mean when you say front ??

the headunit takes 5-10 minutes to remove from the dash & the removal of rear casing for the cd player including the repair i did, would take also about 10 minutes.

i can't seem to put any pictures up here !!

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[quote name='yacoob' date='Apr 11 2006, 03:48 PM' post='346227'

what cover do you mean when you say front ??

the headunit takes 5-10 minutes to remove from the dash & the removal of rear casing for the cd player including the repair i did, would take also about 10 minutes.

i can't seem to put any pictures up here !!

here are the pics yacoob



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here is a pic of the 2nd picture a bit larger


I think that the easy access is only applicable for the newer type of cd player. If you have the older cd player it is a nightmare to remove the covers but can be done with patience and care.

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Sounds great, I will give it a try. IF you cd unit fails again after this repair, please let us know.

trinilex.............. :shifty:

so far so good, touch wood :winky:

changed cd's too.


:winky: :winky: :winky:

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This weekend I finally had the time to take the thing apart. Looks like the one in Yacoob’s post

Except my CDs are perfectly in line and look good. Gear moving and swearing doesn’t change it. Also big hammer threatening doesn’t work either, what a dumb thing it is.

BTW, looking on the net, EVERYBODY, regardless of make or country or continent, is having trouble with the CD changers, not just Fujitsu (ours). Nissan drivers, Chevrolet drivers, everybody is ****** off. Sometimes they are replaced free, sometimes people have hired lawyers to try to get satisfaction. Sometimes they get results in the US, I suppose never here.

I separated the radio part from the CD part. I can see how they replace only the CD part; it’s a completely separate thing joined only by a ribbon cable.

I assume they destroy/permanently-disassemble the old CD mechanism to get our CDs out.

Tomorrow I will pose as a repairer and try to sign up to become a customer at the fujitsu place here. They asked me if I would be a one-time customer (yeah, right, like I was born yesterday), I said these cars are getting old now and ‘we’ are getting more and more customers, thousands…bla bla bla, why do they offer so much resistance? They will lose eventually, they always do. These morons haven’t even heard of the power of the internet yet, scum. They even checked my VAT number before telling me anything. Don’t they know monopolies are criminally illegal in Europe now?

Same crap with manuals, they are still ‘trying’ to get them for me. After 3 weeks! The web site says the CDs are available and they actually give the part numbers to order but Lexus-Europe’s computer doesn’t recognise those numbers for the CDs. Lexus-Europe doesn’t even know it’s possible to get the part numbers on their own web site! Sounds like they are losing the plot.

They have the paper books, £200 (mechanical repair) +£70 (electrical) +£17 (body damage) =£287 but I don’t want the books, I want the CDs, then I can search.

Geez what a pain. I can tell you when I finally get them they are going straight on the internet, bastards. What pathetic game are they playing anyway? It’s my car, not theirs. I can fix it if I want or I can drive it off a cliff if I want. It’s out of warranty. It’s none of their business, unless they want to pay for all the repairs and extend the warranty to 20 years, which they don’t. Man, I’m ****** off.

So they have told me that the number they need is on the mechanism. I see a blue sticker on there, I’ll give them that number. They also said they will need the number on the big sticker on the radio.

The tricky part about ordering will be to ensure I get the new improved replacement part, not the same old part because that’s got a design defect (obviously). Hopefully it’s superseded by the new part. The idiots can’t be selling the same defective part, can they?

Well, the repair place in the UK told me it will never break again and it will not be anywhere as road sensitive as the old one, so maybe he’s getting the new ones. Like the ones used in the CD-on-top versions, it wouldn’t surprise me to find they fit, it’s really a separate unit. If someone can give me the numbers on the big sticker of the CD-on-top version, I can be sure (er). A photo of the sticker would be nice. And a photo of the blue sticker on the mechanism (sandwiched between the CD mechanism and the radio part). Why can’t we post photos on this board?

Anyway we’ll see tomorrow about the mechanism.

Taking the thing apart is as Yacoob says, very easy. Just lots of screws but nothing tricky (except that hook, just wiggle and bend and pull).

Replacing the mechanism looks really easy. 4 little springs, take the side plate off and the ribbon cable and that’s it. If I had a new mechanism, it would take 5 minutes. Another 10 minutes to screw all the screws back in. Then another 2 to take the old crap mechanism apart to retrieve my CDs.

I suspect the repair guys only make about £25-£50 on the job, most of the cost looks to be the mechanism, can’t be cheap. Tomorrow I’ll know, unless I get more pathetic resistance.

By the way the instructions on the site on how to take the radio out of the dashboard in the first place don’t apply to my car (an early model IS200, 8th July 1999). I also paid $4 to the US guy’s website to get the removal instructions. They also said screws were under the felt mat.

There are no screws under the felt mat on my model. Just pull the whole part off toward you.

I bent my felt mat looking for the screws that are supposed to be under there. Nothing. Had to carefully bend it back after removing it.

If you guys look under the felt mat and don’t see or feel any screws really soon, then stop. They are not there. Just pull, pry etc, horizontally (with a rag to protect the paint) the whole thing toward you.

Mine is not the nav type. The screw thread clip thingys are there, just not used. They look to be for the nav system.

When I finally get to the bottom of this, I’ll need to put a whole lot of step by step photos on here. Same with the manual unless I decide to become a Lexus ***** and charge a little to recoup my massive costs. £287 for a book, it had better be in living cinemascope friggin colour, that’s all I can say!


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