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Buying A Second (non Lexus) Car


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Hey all,

With our first baby on the way in June - I need to get a car for the wife. Looking to get an estate (possibly a CRV) but we only have about £3k to spend - this puts us in the realm of private buyers whereas usually I buy from a dealership (with warranty etc.) and obviously I'm keen to avoid being ripped off. The AA used to offer a car check service but they've farmed that out to another company who now charge £200 (too steep!). Any one here know of another cheaper way of getting cars looked over?

(And any suggestions for a nice/reliable estate for around £3k?)



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what about taking it in to your garage or do you use a dealer as if one of my customers come in and said i am buying a car can you check it out i would say ok at a less of a charge witch i have done before my dad was looking at a crv before he got his trooper and the trooper is a lot better

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Book the Car your looking at buying in for a MOT thats only about £40 for a Full check over,you will need to check the engine gearbox yourself though.

As to a S/C Estate car you wont go far wrong with a 850 Volvo theres alot of clean and well looked after ones out there,you could get a T5 for only a couple of grand or less :driving:


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