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Nav Destination Override

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News on the subject:

Found this interesting thread on Club Lexus:

thread on sat nav destination

So could not being able to change nav dest in Europe be a problem of the software version and NOT something that is disabled in Europe?

What could only mean that we have (had) a more recent software-version than in the U.S. since the beginning of the 2nd-gen IS...

If so, that's good news i guess, because like they say... there must be a way...

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I still can't believe that "I agree" screen is still there but the rest is silly too - if the other manufacturer's don't do it, it isn't a lawsuit problem, so can't they let people decide for themselves whether its safe or not?

The COMAND system in our Merc lets you do absolutely anything you want while moving. Only the TV/DVD part won't work while moving, but even then, its not as annoying as the Lexus one is - works under 5mph, then over 5mph, picture stops but sound continues. It doesn't need the handbrake to be on or anything, so means that you can actually use it in stop start traffic.

Mercedes may get a few things wrong, but at least they don't consider all their customers to be absolute morons :angry:

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