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Rear Light Cluster For 1993 Ls400

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I’m after some help. Some toerag in a truck hit the back of my parked 1993 model LS400 and took out the passenger side rear light cluster. He then drove off without leaving his details, so I’m going to have to pay for the repairs myself :tsktsk:

Can anyone tell me if this is an easy job to do? I’m not much of a mechanic but I was hoping it would be a simple enough job.

I was also hoping someone could recommend a good parts supplier in the UK, please. There is a Lexus dealer where I live (Brighton) but I’d rather avoid paying dealer prices if possible. Has anyone got any tips?

Thanks for your time! :)

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Look on ebay, there is a guy breaking a '93. [along with a lot of other makes]

I have had stuff for my '94 from here, was good service

It's in Leicester


I also had an engine undercover off this guy he is fairly local so I collected.

as for removing and refitting the cluster this link although for tinting the lenses explains with photos how to remove them



Ps ALEX JB a forum member on here replaced his clusters with clear ones may be worth PM him to see if he has the originals!

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Hi there,

Steve is right, I took of my standard ones for clear indicator section ones, but both my old ones were cracked.

Can lend you a cracked one till you get a good one if you like! ;)

I have also bought from the guy in Leicester that breaks LS', he's not far from me so if he doesn't want to post I could pick up for you and post it down.

We're a friendly bunch here !

Alex JB

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