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Anybody Got Two Exhausts On Their Is200?

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Ello everybody!

Anybody got a exhaust on each side of their IS200, can i see pictures?

Where could i buy a second hand standard lexus IS200 exhaust from?

Can you please advise me on price?!

A big thank you in advance!

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To be honest it was good, I went from the standard HKS Hyper single exit to the custom HKS twins as seen above, the car was torquier low down, definitely more responsive, although it did seem slightly more restrictive at high speeds.

To be fair though it's difficult to say as it's all going to depend on the pipework used and the route taken, bends etc in the pipes, it's all complicated!

I loved it though - sounded awesome, although it didn't sound anywhere near as good as the twin system on this Aristo :D

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Looks like a good quality piece of kit. I may be wrong, but didn't you do the welding for that or something? Which exhausts are they btw?


I did weld that yes, why is it that easy to tell that I am not that good at welding lol :lol:

The back boxes are just standard universal boxes.

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