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Finally Qualified

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hey guys,

i dont know if anyone read my last post, but basically it said that i was torn bwtween purchasing an IS200 an RX8 and Hyundai Coupe.

Well this weekend after spending MANY hours on Auto Trader i finally found an IS200 i liked, and thus i baught it. :D

£5500 :excl: for a 51plate (good price?)


half leather interior

5spokes alloys

and best of all Aztec Fire Red (although i think its orange!)

end of the day im well chuffed with the purchase and im well made up with the car. its soooo damn comfy it should be illegal - i could fall asleep at the wheel :P

i cant wait till the summer and start modding her.

ALSO this week i finally finished my training course at work, im now a Motor Insurence Advisor for the Co-Op. :D Is anyone with them? :D

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hi congratulations on you new buy and im glad you like it so much and that you are all geared up for modding it already.

i take it its an SE you bought i think thats a reasonable price to pay for a 51.

The colour that you have bought is quite rare and is a sought after colour

welome to the club anyway mate and happy driving

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You definately chose the right one out of the 3!!!!

Glad you found the one you where looking for and at a very reasonable price.

As you cant make the meet hopefully you'll be able to make the summer bbq :D

Anyway look forward to seeing some pics and more modding plans B)

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