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Some Fecker Scratched My Ride!

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If its down to the metal, i think you'll have to get it painted :unsure: if it starts to rust and then it gets into the pannel there'll be no way of getting rid of it! But if its not that deep dont worry bout that!!

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Rory i think Halfords does scratches and chips but im not sure how good of a job they do as i have never used the service but i have got 2 bad chips that need taken care of.! is above windscreen seal in the middleand didnt really want the roof all painted so was going to give them a go sometime

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I heard that there are companies that can repair scratches, dent's and chips easily without the need to spray the entire panel like Chipsaway, google it and find your local Chipsaway and see if they can help.

p.s. my previous post was a joke, thought i'd throw a bit of humour at a dull moment...

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Sorry to hear about this matey! Where did it happen? Round our way?

Hope you get it sorted soon pal,


Yeh I think so, I didn't notice before yesterday, and I was out all day without the car, when I got home, there it was, but I could have missed it cos of the rain... can't have anything these days :(

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