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I have an RX300SEL new at the end of March 2005. It has currently covered 21000 miles and is painted 'Stafford Blue'. So far so good.

It has become increasingly apparent that the bodywork is showing significant scratches on several panels. I have had many cars in dark colours and none have shown anywhere near this level of marking. These include an Anthracite Grey IS200 which even after 90,000 miles was nowehere near as bad. the one major change is the move the water basied paints.

I have had my Local Lexus centre get Lexus-appointed agents who dismiss this as 'fair wear and tear' citing compliance with unstated parameters. However I cannot agree that i have been anymore careless with this car than any other including the IS and Vauxhall Omegas and carltons before.

So does anyone have any ideas or similar experiences?

Is Lexus paint no longer up to the job?

Am I being fobbed off?

Given that the remedy the so-called experts offer is partial repainting at my expense I am unhappy so does anyone have any ideas or advice or indeed a similar experience?

Duncan R

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hi and welcome Duncan

there are and have allways been a fair amount of complaints about Lexus paintwork

water based paints were used on the IS, which suffered from stone chipping, not heard of significant scratching though

could there be other contributing factors ie: washing methods, parking near hedges etc etc

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