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Live Free Or Die Hard


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Just watched the new Die Hard film, it really is awesome!

I'm not quite sure what's going off with all these resurrections of old film series, first we saw Rocky Balboa, which was excellent, and now Live Free Or Die Hard, or Die Hard 4.0 and this is also really good.

I've been saying for ages that they don't make action movies like they used to, but over the last 18 months there's been a steady turn up on the books, Shooter was another really good recent one, but this film is great!

Bruce Willis always seems to be at his best playing John McClane, who's been through more crap than most people, and even though they've trimmed this film to get a lower rating, it's still great, and with the trademark Yippee Kay Eh catchphrase in there too in almost it's full glory :D

There's a couple of moments where they do stuff with the technology where you think, hang on that's a load of crap, but if you ignore those it's a great film :)

If you liked the previous ones definitely get out there to watch this, it's loads better than the Spiderman 3's and the Fantastic 4 2's and the Harry Potter 8's of this world :D

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Hoped to catch this at the flicks on Friday but the Odeon in MK wasnt showing it...

I know Bruce Willis is getting on, but he's just so cool in a really sexy way!

I don't normally like sequels and the movie we did see on Friday, Shrek 3, really disappointed me so I'm glad Die Hard 4 lives up to the hype! :winky:

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Yeah Shrek 3 was a letdown, in fact I didn't bother watching it all!

Fantastic Four 2 was actually ok though which I wasn't expecting!

Spiderman 3 I thought got a bit boring at times too, Rocky Balboa showed that you could pull it off and this Die Hard delivers!

Got to look forward to Rambo 4 as well now, that looks awesome from that leaked trailer, proper gory!

I'm not sure what else there is left to look forward to this year, there's that Transformers film, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry and the Simpsons movie, nothing else comes to mind at the minute!

Enjoy it folks anyway, just don't worry that some of the stuff they do is make believe!

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PMSL, yeah he is looking good for his age in Rambo, I think he'd let the botox calm down by then which helps too :D

I have to admit I've still not watched the first three Rambo films one night, got them on DVD here so just need to get around to it before it comes out so I know what's going on!

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