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hopefully you will have the radio code? if you dont it will go into safe mode and that will cost you,

where will i find the radio code, regards, Ian

Sometimes the last 3 numbers in the Vin No so I've heard, but mine isnt protected so I cant say if mine was/is (whatever)


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it should be in with your service history ( 3 digits ) sometimes the last 3 numbers of the VIN are used but if you have a problem and dont/cant get the code you can take the radio to a place that will read the CMOS to get the code for you,

dont bother with the dealers on this one they will send it away and charge you a small fortune I used J.W.OZELTON & SON and dont think you will have him down there it cost me £25 and I had to take the radio out for him

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just so others will know, the safety/security on these radios require and activation code which is set by the dealer on request of the new car owner and that code is used to deactivate it when work is required ( these are not permanently set codes like on some cars where you contact some one with the serial number and they used a code breaker to unlock it so dont waste your money on that idea and the dealers dont keep records of the code either because it can be changed by the owner at will and thats why the dealer uses the last 3 digits of the VIN number

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I've taken my stereo out a few times and disconnected the Battery a few times.

When reconnected everything I haven't yet lost the code only the radio channels that need retuning.

Had the power removed 19 hours when doing the timing belt, Was the longest time the stereo had no power.

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easiest way i found was chuck it in the bin and fit an aftermarket one!

head unit quality is not bad but not bril compared to new aftermarket units, the speakers are not bad though, well matched to the car acoustic volume (no suprise there then!)

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