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Hi all, just got back into a lexus again after 18 months. Had an IS200 Sport with satnav and aero kit before, which I loved but wrote it off. Have not just bought a brand new 07 plate IS220d Sport MM.

Just got it on 20th August and am loving it. Wanted to do a few mods to it and was thinking of going for the OEM bodykit. Was wondering if anyone has had one fitted and if so do they fit well. The reason I ask is my sales rep who sold me my car said they aint fitting so good yet and told me to wait a few months. Another thing also was to ask how much MPG people with the diesel sport are getting. Im getting around 31mpg and i do mostly town driving, is this about right? Thanks for all your help and look forward to hearing more suggestions on mods and stuff.

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For mods you need to speak to Tango..

The mpg sounds about right, they are not the best around town but the mpg will rise considerably as the mileage increases, mine had a big step change at around 5 k miles and then again at 10k./

Welcome to LOC.


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