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Lazy Question

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That ICE system is hiddeous !! - Where did they get those screens from? Fisher Price "My first DVD player in Daddy's Car"????

If it's a so called 'Premium' system and is factory fitted why on earth not have bespoke headrests with screens built in? - Those plastic eyesores look like they are self contained units and will attract the attention of the hoodie brigade wanting to relieve you of them and sticking them in their Corsa's !!

Although they have their own DVD slots on each screen, this can still be acommodated more asthetically - maybe fold down systems from the roof ??!

Right - rant over.

The Ed

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Have to say though, agree w/The Ed.

The 'new' system may be technologically superior to the previous generation version, it does look - well out of place in a Lexus shall we say? AFAIK neither system was considered 'factory fit' - fitted by your dealer before delivery?

Anyhoo, I think Lexus have dropped a ball on this one.

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Mine Rx is a 07 and has the "older" system where the screens are built into the headrests , pro style , and the player lives under the drivers seat and it works a treat ! Got 2 spare headphone covers and they go over the front headrests so the screens cannot be seen ..... steathy :shifty:

Jon .

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