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I think last time I got Lexus to do a key for me it was only a couple of quid - basically you pop to the Toyota side as they keep them there usually and go to parts and they'll do it there and then normally?

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I recently changed the batteries on both my fobs - cost me less than a fiver my batteries from battery force...arrived in quick time and took me about five minutes to do both..hope this helps...

Thanks, what type of bettery do I need?


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Yep, CR1632.

Take out the key from the fob.

Put something like a flatblade screwdriver into into the gap where the key was, then rotate to pry open the fob.

Swap over the Battery (+ faces up)

To put it back together, don't just snap it on, start from the furthest away from the gap you put your screwdriver in.

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Went into Lexus Guildford when both fobs started to fail due to weak batteries. Salesman replaced and fitted both batteries free of charge. Well done Guildford!

Lexus Woodford did this for my old GS300 too. I'm seeing them tomorrow for a new parking sensor and an oil and filter change. Weather permitting of course.

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