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Stronger Rods For 1gfe

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Well when i was looking i was quoted about £1k for custom ones. and i know for brand new 1g-gte ones from toyota are about the same money.

Just looked on TDi's site and they've got then for £980, though they're plus vat. And prolex quoted me about the same from the US.


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When I look those on eBay...


... and look at my custom internals once I had and they were made for over 600BHP, 550NM and 9000rpm....


... then I would say that they would easily take a power what that engine will never be able to make ;)

Good offer in my opinion... wondering why that guy is not offering a combo package (including pistons),

he should know, when some IS200 would need those conrods, it would also want some pistons for lower CR (9:1) :whistling:

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The standards rods really are thin arent they!

yeh the sure are. didnt think they were that thin

And now wonder why some people have blown their engine,

when pushing it over 0.8bar of boost :whistling: :shutit:


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